Dairy effluent tanksTypical Biogester Process Vessel  

Overflowing Effluent Ponds on Dairy Farms are Polluting Waterways and this has become a Problem that ... Must be Dealt With!

Non-Compliant dairy farmers are facing prosecution from Regional Councils and ... Stiff Penalties.

GREENTANK Corrosion Resistant Solutions ... has the Answer!

GREENTANK offers a Range of Solutions utilising our Corrosion-Resistant Fibreglass Underground Storage Tanks and Treatment Systems for the ... Environmentally Safe Containment of Dairy Effluent.

We offer Large Capacity Underground Tanks that may be buried underneath the dairy shed or immediately adjacent. This avoids the necessity for long pipe runs and pumping to distant open effluent ponds. Additionally there is No Wastage of Valuable Farm Land.

As there is ... No Open Pond, there is no chance for it to Overflow and Pollute Waterways.

The Need to Clean Ponds is Avoided ... and also the need to maintain floating pumps is no longer required allowing dairy farm staff to be deployed on more productive activities.

Health and Safety is another aspect to consider as staff are no longer required to work over water.  Additionally Offensive Odours are Minimised.

In addition to our large capacity Dairy Effluent Tanks GREENTANK also offers a Bio-Digestor.

The Bio-Digestor not only treats dairy effluent producing a pathogen free high nutrient fertiliser, but also produces methane bio-gas which may be used to power a co-generation engine.

This engine can then be used to produce electricity that may be used to power the Dairy Shed. This in turn will save the Dairy Farmer money as well as avoid polluting waterways by managing dairy effluent more effectively.

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